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There are numerous historical events on the island, especially during the summer months. Most of them have become popular festivals. The organization takes the whole year and their celebration is eagerly awaited by Italian and German tourists.

In the village of Capoliveri three folk festivals are celebrated between May and September: the Festival of the Miner (4th May), Festival dell’Innamorata (14th July) and the Festival of the Grapes (last weekend of September). During these festivals the people of Capoliveri recall their past and their time spent in the mines and cultivating vine terraces, with song and dance. With their knowledge of their past they keep alive the old values, traditions and costumes of their ancestors and hand them on to the new generations.


Every year, on the 14th July, at sunset, the bay lights up with dozens of torches and the historical commemoration starts. It is possible to eat on the beach or to join up with the hundreds of tourists that wait for the historical parade coming down from the village of Capoliveri. During the evening there is a boat race between the districts of Capoliveri. The Festival highlight is when the girl chosen to represent the “Innamorata” jumps into the water.

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