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Weekend of Easter, 25 April, 1 May, 2 June (minimum 3 nights without laundry)
€ 20,00 each person a day.

If you book by Villa Europa, you will receive a Discount of 20% with a personal reserved Code to buy the MOBY/TOREMAR ferry tickets or general discounts for ELBA FERRIES and BLUNAVY companies.

For informations:
info@villaeuropa.biz | +39 3391698071.

Offers for GROUPS

  • Group 30-40 persons
    The groups of 30-40 people that book the whole residence can use the common spaces in total autonomy, equipping them according to the needs of the group: training area with projection on the TV (or on your own projector or PC), breakfast/lunch/dinner area, fitness/relax area in open air, game area and in general activities of the group.
    The offer is customized and depends from the period and the number of persons.
  • Group 10 persons
    In the months of June, July and from the second week of September we offer a Discount of 5% on the price-list if you are a group of 10 people and you stay at least 1 week in 2 or 3 room apartment (this offer is not valid for studio apartment for 2 persons).

For informations
info@villaeuropa.biz | +39 3391698071.