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The beaches of Elba Island are amongst the most beautiful and luxuriant of the island; the island is in fact controlled by the Institution of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago and therefore defended against urban expansion and against exploitation of the sea depths. The island offers so many different panoramas and things to do, from diving sessions to wind-surfing, from trekking to horse riding or mountain biking or even the renowned sailing school. In 2001 the “Prada” sailing team and “Mascalzone Latino” started to train in the island and chose the docking point of Mola, near Portoazzurro: since then there was an increase in the interest of the sailors towards the island, and in the number of the sporting events taking place in the island.

Mountain life and sea life can be enjoyed at the same time in Elba island. Mount Capanne and Mount Perone are perfect for those who love great and unforgettable views and for those who love spending a cool day in the woods or walking in the meadows. While, for those who prefer relaxing under the sun by the beach, there are numerous bays to choose from: the crowded Cavoli bay and its white sandy beach, or the bay of Capo Sant’Andrea and its flat stones and many more.

History and art have deeply marked the territory and its spirit, and survived many conquerors, starting from the Etruscan people: each of them has either exploited or celebrated the island’s character. Elba island is nowadays mainly living on tourism: a tourism life which is conscious of its potentials and tries to protect its most precious gift: the nature.

The coastline of Elba runs for 147 km and offers more than 17.000 meters of beaches of various typologies and features. Here below you’ll find a complete list of its beaches, so that you will have an idea of what this “small” Tyrrhenian island can offer to the tourist who wants to discover it.

List of the most important beaches