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The bay of Morcone is located only two kms from the picturesque village Capoliveri, perched on a hill in the south-east part of the island. Capoliveri is known and appreciated by the tourists for its cobbled streets and stunning views over the numerous bays of the island. Thanks to its perfect position on the top of the hill, it overlooks both on the east part of the island with the Gulf of Portoazzurro, and on the west part over the Gulf Stella up to mount Capanne.

Visiting Capoliveri in May and June gives you the opportunity to enjoy peaceful walks on alleyways that are slowly waking up from the winter months and are getting ready to welcome the busy summer. All around you the flourishing nature fills the air with pleasant spring Mediterranean fragrances. If you choose instead to visit Capoliveri during the hot summer months of July and August, you’ll be offered great entertainment and many shops and local handcraft markets. Great hospitality will be offered to each tourist visiting Capoliveri, and even more to those ones taking part to the "Festa dell’Uva" (Festival of the Grapes), on the last Sunday of September. During the festival the four districts of the village, (Fosso, Torre, Fortezza and Baluardo), will offer local dishes and wine to the tourists to celebrate the rural life and the grape harvest.

Capoliveri is the starting point of numerous trails that are perfect for lovers of mountain-biking or trekking. While hiking or cycling around Capoliveri it will be easy to see the signs of the old mineral deposits of the area. The “Festa del Cavatore” (Festival of the Miner) which is celebrated on the 14th May, is a reminder of the island’s ancient mining traditions. Nowadays Mount Calamita and great part of the island belong to the national Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, a migratory point of numerous species of birds and a natural site of the typical flora of Tuscany.

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The Park, created on 22nd July 1996, classifies the Elba island and the other six minor islands of the Tirrenian Sea, as the largest marine park of Europe. For the tourist who wants to discover the beauty of the island from the sea, Morcone offers the opportunity to rent pedal boats and motorboats or to attend diving or windsurfing courses.

The nearby beaches called Innamorata and Pareti can be reached by pedal boat or swimming. The Innamorata beach is renowned for an old legend recalling the story of a young girl, Maria, who threw herself off the rocks for the love of a young man called Lorenzo. Their love story is remembered every 14th July in a procession held by the village peasants (The “Festa Dell’Innamorata”). The beach lies in front of the Gemini islands, from where spread numerous bays and crystal clear water coves surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation that can only be reached from the sea.

From Morcone bay, moving to the opposite direction, towards the west part of the island, you can reach the beaches of Barabarca and Madonna delle Grazie up to the Gulf of Lacona. Each beach is different from the other one for its flora and its features.

The beach of Morcone always offers something new to enjoy, even to the frequent visitor: lights, colours and unforgettable silences, a real paradise between two blue worlds.

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