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A lot of guests want to spend a peaceful holiday with their pets (dogs, rabbits, cats, birds...). You can stay with your pet, but we want that your stay is the most comfortable as possible.

Holidays with pets are possible in Villa Europa, but they have to be organized for the greater comfort of our guests and of their pets. Not all our flats in fact are equipped for your friends with four legs, for this reason if you want to take your pet with you during your holidays it is necessary to inform us before booking. If this doesn’t happen, the directon of the residence can decide not to accept their presence and the guest will have to pay for the whole staying.

This is the reason why it is:

For BIG DOGS we have only an apartment (flat S) with a fence and a larger garden.

WE REMIND not to leave cats/rabbits free in the garden for their safety.

MORCONE AND ALL ELBA BEACHES are available for dogs from 2009, thank you Regional law 59-2009.

Regional law 59-2009

In 2009 the Region Tuscany has decided to protect the animals with a special regional law that disciplines the behaviors to hold if we are together with pets: the law 59/2009. It is by very detailed 43 articles. The article 19 controls the access of the dogs taken in public areas, included the beaches. Thanks to this law many tourists have decided to spend their holidays in Tuscany and on the island of Elba: the article 19 allows in fact to all the owners of dogs to bring the animals on the beach with the only obligation of the use of the leash and. The alone access is forbidden in areas dedicated to children, or in places destined to particular purposes.

The single cities can decide better for the use of the areas destined to exclusive use to the dogs, where they can race and play free, without leash and muzzle, under the overseeing of the responsible person, without damaging the plants or the present structures. In the law there is a part related to the obligations of the owner who has to make sure to clean up the areas and that the dog doesn’t bring problems to people or things. In general who manages public places can decide if the access is allowed or denied for the animals. In presence of prohibition the manager will have to communicate it to the Comune where the pub/bar/restaurant is and to write the prohibition at the entry of the place.

Regional law 59-2009.pdf