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There were many conquerors in the history ofElba Island. It has always been an important center for the trade in the Mediterranean Sea dating as far back as the times of the Phoenicians and the Etruscans. Later on other civilisations lived there, for example Ligurians, Greeks, Romans, Longbards, Pisans, Genoans, grandukes of Tuscany, Spanish, English and French.

Each civilisation left signs of their time in the island. Their habits and customs are still visible in many museums around Elba. The period which had the most influence on the island was the Napoleonic era. The two villas of Napoleon in the Island are the best example of the great splendour that was Elba during the time of the French Emperor. In just 10 months of exile, he was concerned with construction, viticulture and trade.

One can say that Elba Island is rich in her historical and artistic heritage as much as in her natural heritage.

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