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The cuisine at Elba is a great mixture of the Tuscan rural tradition and the maritime tradition. It is possible to sample a great variety of products, all genuine and produced locally: fish, game and wine.

You can start a meal by choosing among many local dishes, most of them sea food and end your meal with the typical “schiaccia briaca”, all accompanied by good local wine. Elba island has very old winemaking tradition as testified by ‘Plinius the Old’ who named the island "insula vini ferax" (the island of the good wine) and from the ancient name of Capoliveri, “Caput Liberum”, which probably comes from the name of god Libaro, Dioniso or also said Baccus (the God of wine).

Arriving to the island it is possible to see numerous vine terraces that testify to the extent of the ancient wine making tradition and also the love for their D.O.C. wines (Aleatico, Ansonica, Moscato, Elba rosso, rosato e bianco). These wines can be tested on an itinerary called "the road of wine" (www.lastradadelvino.com).

The village of Capoliveri reminds his taste for good food and wine with a lot of regular events during the summer, that culminate with the celebration of “Festa dell'Uva”, usally on the first weekend of October. The village is divided into four districts called “rioni”: they fight each other cooking typichal dishes and offering them to tourists.

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